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PostSubject: How to use this forum...   How to use this forum... Icon_minitimeSun Jul 27, 2014 11:26 am

This is the thread forum for 'reviews' of events that transpire in a chapter. As it is in the IC section, obviously said reviews are from the standpoint of the character of whatever player posts them (or from some other standpoint if its the ST who does so). At its heart this is sort of intended as a diary of events from our PC's standpoints and whichever ST is running will likely only post to get some posting started rather then to provide how the story looked from his position.

There will be one thread for each chapter and everyone can feel free to add to it or offer their own version of events.

One main purpose of this set of threads is to keep past games in mind (so if you forget things which have transpired you can simply go back and read through a given chapter's thread and refresh your memory).

Hopefully, someone will do some posting here. I may... or not... haha... I capricious in what I feel like posting.

Anyway... I hope this makes sense. Questions on this topic can be posted to this thread or in the q&a section.

Note: Don't be a dumbass... only post to the chapter's that have actually been played and which you were there for!
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How to use this forum...
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