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 Fetish Crafting: Fuascailte Croí

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PostSubject: Fetish Crafting: Fuascailte Croí   Fetish Crafting: Fuascailte Croí Icon_minitimeSat Apr 12, 2014 12:41 pm

Intent: I want to craft a fetish weapon (inspired by that borne by Kross to an extent) which will be deadly as all fuck to Black Spiral Dancers (and terribly destructive to any Wyrm creature) and may actually force them to revert to breed form with an injury.  With the additional caveat that it may actually help redeem any Spiral with a decent trace of White Howler blood in them because I want to reclaim that which is supposedly mine cause the Wyrm bitch doesn't deserve to have them; perhaps it will have some very slim chance of acting as per the Waters of the Silver Lake or a redemption ritual or whatever.


1: Gather the Pieces: The substeps can be done in any order.
>> A: A Heart of Midnight. They are naturally found in the Abyss, but it might be more doable to locate someone who has one (perhaps a BSD I can kill to death and harvest for H) and to take it from them.
>> B. A Wyldstone. Their natural location is in the Aetherial Realm. {DONE}
>> C. Moonsilver, in sufficient quantity. Its natural location is in the Aetherial Realm. {DONE}
>> D. Water of the Silver Lake. Its natural location is in Erebus. {DONE}
>> E. The niKaillech Clan Sigil. The ancient magical seal used for crafting the symbols of my clan that various members have worn (such as the one on my choker). It was last in the possession of Kaivar "Warseeker" who fell fighting on the lossing side in the Battle of Brunanburh according to Keva, which will mean a trip back home (more or less). {DONE}
>> F. Hide from a creature hunted and killed by my fangs and claws under the New Moon.  {DONE}
>> G. Powdered Gemstone. Amethyst or Sapphire would be my first choices. {DONE}
>> H. Powdered Foes. The fangs, horns, claws, or whatever from foes I slay in battle. {DONE}

2. Get the Spirits: I need a powerful War spirit and a powerful Purity spirit. And, maybe even a Wyldling (Vortex) if it comes to a point of wanting to attempt being incredibly excessive.  

3. Craft the Weapon: The substeps need to be done in order.
>> A. Use the Sigil's power to shape the two stones into the clan sigil and trap the Water within it (so that the fetish's eventual power can flow its energy through the blade along with that of the stones).
>> B. Forge the weapon: The blade needs to be tempered and folded (of the Moon silver) of the course of a month using cooling liquids (both oil and water) which contain my blood (a decent amount, I'm thinking about five percent for each liquid during each cooling process; so probably around 13 ounces for each cooling vat or 26 ounce per time... that's gonna suck). Under each moon-phase the weapon needs to be "blessed" by the power of a Moon Spirit (most likely I'll convince the Lunes to do it) which consists of the spirit flitting over and through the weapon to insure that their is enough of Luna in it). During the final heating, the crafted Sigil needs to be set in the center of the weapon (where hilt meets blade). To finish up the crafting processes, the blade shall be engraved with bhfeíce on one side and íonachta on the other (both engravings inlaid with the combined gem and foe dust). Lastly, the hilt shall be wrapped in leather made from the hide.

4. Perform the rite.

5. Finish the Fetish: I need to seal the magic by coating it with my own blood (probably another 24 or so ounces) shed by the blades edge while dancing with the Lunes under the light of the Full Moon.
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Fetish Crafting: Fuascailte Croí
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